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An ongoing learning experience is what you'll get enrolling in the Team Bull Trading Academy. We provide HOURS of education from 6+ different consistently profitable traders. This isn't your ordinary "course"; it's a well-rounded academy for anyone looking to find financial freedom in the stock market.       
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"My sister and I  were one of the first to get access inside the academy, and we were shocked, to say the least. we LOVED the fact that there was more than one trader teaching their style in an easy-to-understand way, and I learned things about the stock market and different tools that I had no clue existed before. From penny stocks to trading options, we finally feel confident in our trading. Had we taken this academy and not been told a price beforehand, we both would've guessed it to be in the thousands. Thank you for the knowledge and opportunity."  - D'andre 

What is Team Bull Trading Academy?

What You Will Learn

  • What's Included in Team Bull Trading Academy?
  • I don't have any experience, is this for me? 
  • How can I trust you with my education?
  • Do I want to learn a life changing skill set? 

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Meet Your Instructors


Hi! My name is Jacob, better known as Jdun trades online, and I am the founder of Team Bull Trading. I started Team Bull and this academy with one objective; to give people REAL value, unlike 99% of courses and online programs. I grew up poor with a struggling Mom and know all too well how valuable money and time are, and this motivated me to give real people, real value as I like to say. I primarily focus on day trading and scalping and aim to surround myself with the smartest, best people I can. I look forward to helping you change your life, mindset, and education through this ongoing learning experience.


Hi! I'm Brandon, and I am an options trader, long-term investor, YouTuber, content creator, author, and clothing brand owner. My life-long goal is to teach as many people as possible how to become successful traders and entrepreneurs. I have a passion for teaching and have a knack for swing trading and helping people trade with busy schedules and full-time jobs. I look forward to giving you real value in my lessons.


Hi, my name is Geno, better known as GD Investments. I’m 21 years old and have been investing for three years now. After years of dedication and hard work, I’ve developed strategies that can take your investments to the next level. The best part about the strategies I’ll be showing is that literally, anyone can find success with it. I like to keep my strategies very simplistic, aiming for consistent long-term gains. Starting with only my high school savings, I have now reached extreme heights in my portfolio that I’ve always dreamed of. I have helped many others find success ranging from all age groups and financial situations. It’s now your turn to make the change. I’m here to create a better life for everyone, and that’s my entire purpose. Nice to meet you all, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! 


Hello, my name is Jared. Most people in the trading community know me by Grizzly. I come from a little country town in East Tennessee. You probably have never heard of it. I started investing nearly 10 years ago. It seems like yesterday, to be honest. The obsession just grew from there. I put in countless hours learning and practicing my day and swing trading skills after working 50+ hour weeks at my 9-5. When I was not practicing trading, I was focused on learning skills to make money on the side. At the beginning of this year, I achieved one of my biggest goals yet. I was able to quit my 9-5 and become a full-time options trader and entrepreneur. I have not looked back. The freedom that comes with being a full-time trader is a dream come true. Now my passion is helping others achieve this same goal! Invest in yourself; that’s the only way to improve.


My name is Dumpster, and I am a 23-year-old day trader and scalper. I have been actively trading for two years, and it is my passion. Teaching others how to find their edge in the market and achieve ultimate financial freedom is my motivation. My strategy is playing momentum movers that have volume and/or news and swing trades into news catalysts. I play very high risk, and high reward plays. My goal is to help teach you how to be profitable and develop a plan that works best for YOU. 


Hey! My name is Nate Trades and I am a young investor from the Dominican Republic.  I trade based on technical analysis and finding stocks before they break out / blow up.  I trade a lot of support and resistance and if you've followed me in the discord, you know I want to find trades that explode with minimal draw down.  I love teaching and seeing other people win from my winning strategies.  I look forward to helping you within this academy. 

See What the Academy Includes...

An Overview of Each Module and the Associated Lessons 

1. Course Introduction

Welcome to the Team Bull Trading Academy! In this module, I, Jdun Trades, give you an overview of what you will learn in the Team Bull Trading Academy, as well as a little about myself as a trader, person, and teacher. This is the start of our journey to financial freedom together. This will be an ongoing learning experience, as these recordings are just the start. I will routinely record and go over snippets of top trades myself, and the other traders take, and you will solely have access to those in here. There will also be comment sections where you can request videos, and I or another of the top traders will get to as many as we can. There's so much organized, solid info in this academy, and I look forward to teaching you. 

  • Welcome to Team Bull Trading Academy
  • 5:32 mins

2. Starting Out- The Basics

In this module, we will go over all the basics from terminology, account types, broker comparison, financial instruments, and an intro into options.

  • Terminology, Account Types, and Broker Comparison
  •  9:32 mins
  • Financial Instruments 
  •  11:36 mins
  • Order Types and Stop Losses
  • 11:40 mins
  • Setting Up TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim Part 1
  •  19:15 mins
  • TD Ameritrade ThinkirSwim Tutorial Part 2- Active Trader
  •  21:40 mins

3. Let's Get Technical- Technical Analysis

In this module we will go over candlesticks, chart patterns, and several technical strategies you can use in your trading.

  • Candle Sticks Lecture
  •  10:18 mins
  • Chart Patterns
  •  12:28 mins
  • Trading Support and Resistance
  • 19:11 mins
  • Trends and Swing High/Low's 
  • 9:29 mins
  • Volume and Momentum
  •  12:35 mins

4. Technical Analysis Strategies

This is what you've all been waiting for... a breakdown of the swing trading strategies that Blake 'FourToEight' uses when he trades. You will get access to multiple strategies, preset watchlists, and cheatsheets to help you dominate the market!

  • ORB Strategy (One of My Favorites)
  •  12:28 mins
  • ABCD Strategy 
  •  2:44 mins

5. Indicators and Moving Averages

In this module, we will dive into the world of indicators and moving averages.

  • Indicators and Intro to Moving Averages 
  • 11:02 mins
  • Simple Moving Averages (SMA) and VWAP
  • 7:09 mins
  • MACD and RSI Part 1
  • 7:51 mins
  • RSI and RSI Divergences Continued
  •  2:28 mins
  • Level II/Time and Sales
  •  9:47 mins

6. Options Education

In this model - We cover everything options education and the basics.  I know options can be confusing, we're here to fix that and give you best in class education. Between this and the other lessons incorporating this knowledge, this will be a game changer.

  • Options Part 1
  • 11:47 mins
  • Options Continued
  •  7:47 mins
  • Which Contracts Should I Buy? 
  •  5:13 mins

7. Finding Stocks to Trade- Scanners and Screeners

In this module - we walk you through two of our favorite screeners and screeners, and tell you exactly how you can utilize these yourself

  • Scanners and Screeners
  • 11:56 mins

8. A Beast of It’s Own Category- Earnings

In this module we discuss Earnings - A love/hate relationship, in this lesson we will walk you through everything earnings, how to trade them, and what to know

  • Earnings
  • 11:09 mins

9. Smart Money and Tracking Option Flow

In this module we will discuss smart money - "If you want to be rich, copy what the rich do" We teach you how to do exactly that in this lesson

  • Using FlowAlgo - What is Smart Money? 
  • 10:26 mins
  • Smart Money Continued
  • 4:55 mins
  • Finding Insider Buys - CEO's, CFO'S, Other Insiders
  • 4:36 mins

10. Trading Psychology and Mindset

In this module we will discuss trading psychology - "90% of trading is your psychology / mental game" this phrase is said over and over, and while we touch on this throughout the academy, this will really solidify and help your mental game

  • Trading Psychology Part 1
  • 16:39 mins
  • Trading Psychology Continued and Finding Stop Losses
  • 15:48 mins
  •  Find Your Edge
  • 8:47 mins

11. Real Time Trade Recaps and Education

In this module - we have provided and will continue to provide EXCLUSIVE real time trade recaps and education as we see fit to help you.  We only like to provide you with real life, real value examples.

  •  MU Bounce - Explanation and Teaching
  • 2:03 mins
  •  REAL TIME - Finding Stocks to Trade In The Morning (Next Video for Results)
  • 11:58 mins
  •  Follow up Video of Finding Levels to Day Trade - How Did They Work Out?
  • 8:08 mins

12. Grizzly Trades

In this module, scalping and small account trading legend grizzly goes over his personal strategies and rules to trading. This is a must see.

  •  Grizzly's Lesson
  • 26:16 mins

13. Brandon Trades

In this module - Brandon Trades aka carwhorns will go over Fibonacci, Persons Pivot's, TTM, and other strategies he uses to find huge winners in the stock market. These lessons are education packed.

  •  Fibonacci Extensions and Retracements
  • 33:20 mins
  •  Persons Pivots
  • 28:32 mins
  •  TTM Squeeze Pro
  • 38:41 mins

14. GD Investments

In this module - GD will go over his long term investing strategies, everything fundamentals, and his personal strategies. There's a lot to learn in this section.

  •  Metrics & Financials (Long-Term)
  • 6:53 mins
  •  Technical Analysis, Indicators & Personal Strategy
  • 16:00 mins
  •  Beginner Swing Trading Strategy (Equity)
  • 8:10 mins

15. Nate Trades

In this module - Nate will go over his personal strategies that he uses to find winning trades in the stock market. For those who have seen him in the discord : His track record speaks for itself.

  •  Technical Analysis "Nates Way" 
  • 5:57 mins
  • Nates "style and tips"
  • 17:46 mins

16. Dumpster "Penny Stock Legend"

In this module, Dumpster will go over his never before seen penny stock trading strategies, and how he finds consistent winners. This is a must see.

  •  Dumpsters "penny stocks and momentum"
  • 24:43 mins

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have questions or concerns?
All students can join my Discord community where we spend every single day live trading and sending signals, you can also comment below each video in this academy and ask questions about things you might need clarified
How long is the Academy and what's included?
This academy has 7+ Hours of content, from 6 different consistently profitable traders. We all have different trading styles, and will have future content as well. Typically, students finish the academy in around 4 weeks.
How long do I have access to the Academy?
There is no expiration date. No recurring payments. FOREVER. You will have access to all future content as well as current content
How much money do you need to start trading stocks?
We typically recommend people to start LEARNING with $300-$500, but starting out with paper trading is completely fine and encouraged.  We want to start small, and keep losses to a minimum when learning.
Which brokerage account should I use?
We recommend TD Ameritrade / Webull for beginners, but you will learn strategies to apply to any brokerage in the world.
Refund policy
As we want this to be a serious investment in your future, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. "A little sacrifice goes a long way" 
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